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Climate Change in Manitoba - Beginning the Dialogue: January 10 forum to discuss climate change impacts, strategies and opportunities for action

January 4, 2001

National, provincial and local experts to lead discussions with over 300 forum participants on this critical topic on Wednesday, January 10 from 9:00 to 4:30 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Avenue, Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — Over the past decade climate scientists around the world have found increasing evidence that human activity directly impacts the world's climate. These changes are already affecting regions of Canada and there is little doubt that the entire country will experience changes. Being prepared for the challenges and opportunities climate change will present should be a high priority for all Manitobans.

Climate change could significantly affect our landscape, and the economic and social fabric of the province during the next two decades and beyond. Identifying the issues and areas that a changing climate will have the greatest impacts in and beginning to look at strategies for responding to upcoming challenges is the goal of the public forum "Climate Change in Manitoba - Beginning the Dialogue" on January 10th at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

"There has to be coordinated discussion of this topic if we are to develop sensible and appropriate strategies to ensure Manitoba can respond to a changing climate," said Terry Duguid, chairman, Manitoba Clean Environment Commission. "Not only is this forum intended to inform, it seeks the input and perspectives of all Manitobans on this critical issue.

Beyond looking at the challenges the province could face, the forum will also examine the opportunities that climate change will inevitably create. Already Manitoba is a leader in the fields of alternative fuel technologies, transportation, hydro development and adapting agricultural crop production. Capitalizing on this leadership early and seeking innovative solutions to future agricultural, natural resource management, and industrial challenges could have significant economic payoffs for the province.

"This is an important discussion to be having now," said David Runnalls, International Institute for Sustainable Development president. "Climate change is an issue that requires a long-term thinking and solutions that consider the overall sustainability of Manitoba."

Sponsored by the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the forum features presentations by the Honourable Oscar Lathlin, Minister of Conservation; the Honourable Greg Selinger, Minister of Finance and Minister Responsible for Manitoba Hydro; David Phillips, Environment Canada; Terry Duguid, Chairman, Manitoba Clean Environment Commission; John Drexhage and Allen Tyrchniewicz, IISD; Ken Ogilvie, Pollution Probe; Toby Maloney, Resource Conservation Manitoba; as well as experts from Manitoba's agriculture, transportation, forestry, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

For more information contact:
Terry Duguid, Chairman
Clean Environment Commission
305-155 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 945-5293

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