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Investor–State Dispute Settlement and Fossil Fuels: What role for a carveout?

Next week, at the 9th annual OECD Investment Treaty Conference, delegates will discuss a possible carveout of climate change measures from investor-state dispute settlements (ISDS). We assess the implications of this for states' climate policies and broader efforts to reform international investment governance.
Policy Analysis March 8, 2024

World Trade Organization Agriculture Negotiations at MC13

Facundo Calvo stresses the essential role of binding commitments, rules, and disciplines to effectively regulate trade in food and agriculture, particularly to enhance food security in least-developed countries.
Policy Analysis January 12, 2024

Reforming the World Trade Organization

Alice Tipping navigates through the opposing views that are shaping reform at the WTO, including changes in the dispute settlement system, plurilateral treaty on investment facilitation, and special and differential treatment.
Policy Analysis January 11, 2024