Policy Analysis

Which way to Brazil? Notes from the "Taking stock and the way forward" consultations on the Internet Governance Forum

By Maja Andjelkovic on May 4, 2007
The first Internet Governance Forum was held in Athens, Greece, in October 2006. The meeting has been widely praised for its innovative, open and inclusive format, the formation of multistakeholder "dynamic coalitions" and an atmosphere that encouraged sincere exchanges on complex Internet governance issues among governments, businesses, civil society and academia.

The Athens meeting will be a tough act to follow for the Brazilian government, hosting the second Forum November 12–15, 2007, in Rio de Janeiro. The stock-taking and planning session in Geneva, February 13, 2007, has left many stakeholders, particularly those from civil society and business entities, wondering whether the IGF can remain an open and inclusive forum for sharing experiences and good practice, and for bridging the gaps in vocabulary and approaches across stakeholder groups.