Policy Analysis

Statement to House of Commons Legislative Committee on Bill C-30

By John Drexhage on February 13, 2007
On February 13, 2007, IISD Director of Climate Change and Energy, John Drexhage, made a Statement to Canada's House of Commons Legislative Committee on Bill C-30, also known as the "Clean Air Act."

"The very phrase 'Kyoto' has taken on all sorts of connotations, most of which, unfortunately, have only worked to needlessly politicize the issue of climate change in Canada," noted Drexhage. "In particular, all the attention on our specific targets has resulted in us losing sight of the fact that the Kyoto agreement just as critically established, and continues to establish, the international policy architecture for addressing climate change, from methodologies for how we count, verify and report our emissions, including biological sequestration activities, to developing work programs for adaptation, and establishing the rules for the operation of the many flexibility provisions in the agreement."