Policy Analysis

Environmental Policies under an Obama Administration: Is Change in the Air?

By Philip Gass, John Drexhage on February 3, 2009
The day after Barack Obama's November 4, 2008, election victory, EM asked leaders within the Air & Waste Management Association and the environmental community for their initial thoughts on what a new administration might mean to the environmental industry, particularly in terms of new policies and regulations.

This article captures those responses, and includes a co-written contribution from IISD Project Officer Philip Gass, and Director of Climate Change and Energy, John Drexhage. Their piece begins on page 13 of the article.

This article appears in the January 2009 issue of EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA; http://www.awma.org). To obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at 1-412-232-3444.