Policy Analysis

Canada and Climate Change: Where to now?

By John Drexhage on February 8, 2010
On the heels of the recent 2009 Copenhagen Accord negotiations, John Drexhage was invited to speak about Canada's position on climate change at a Round Table discussion led by Liberal Energy and Environment Critic David McGuinty. He examined Canada's position in the global context, as well as in relation to current policy in the United States.

Drexhage shares his concerns for the precarious nature of the current Copenhagen Accord negotiations, suggesting that the global focus remain on the progress made on substantive issues at the 2009 negotiations. On the home front, Drexhage examines national and regional initiatives in Canada and the United States. He suggests that Canada focus on policy incentives and the removal of perverse subsidies in order to negotiate its strong economic and energy relationships with the United States, while still offering a constructive role in building off the Copenhagen Accord.