Netley-Libau Marsh Google Earth Tour

By Henry David Venema, Richard Grosshans, Karla Zubrycki, Henry David Venema, Bryan Oborne, Karla Zubrycki, Richard Altman (Animator), Jason E.J. Manaigre (Technical Producer) on February 7, 2011

Take a video tour of Netley-Libau Marsh (Manitoba, Canada), a major freshwater coastal wetland that lies at the mouth of the Red River and at the south end of Lake Winnipeg, the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world. The river contributes 60 per cent of phosphorous loads to the lake, which is experiencing severe eutrophication. The wetland is currently in a degraded state and has lost much of its ability to filter nutrients. The International Institute for Sustainable Development is working on a project in the Netley-Libau Marsh to simultaneously improve the health of the wetland and produce bioproducts from wetland flora. The video was created for the Agricultural Wetlands Research Network. Netley-Libau Marsh is one of the case studies being discussed by network members.