Interview with IISD's Marius Keller on the CRM TASP in the Dominican Republic - English/Spanish

By Marius Keller, Daniella Echeverría (Editor), Jason E.J. Manaigre (Technical Editor) on November 14, 2012

This interview with IISD's Marius Keller and the director of the National Institute of Water Resources (INDRHI), Frank Rodríguez, was conducted in February 2012 as part of the Dominican Republic's Diario del 4. In the interview, Keller and Rodríguez explain the unique approach of the United Nations Development Programme's (UNDP's) Climate Risk Management Technical Assistance Support Project (CRM TASP) in the country, with specific focus on the Yaque del Sur basin. The Yaque del Sur region is one of the most vulnerable in the country to climate variability and change as it suffers negative impacts in the agriculture and water sectors. Through collaboration among INDRHI, IISD, local authorities and local communities, measures were identified to help local communities adapt to present and future climate change impacts. View the video to learn more about the CRM TASP's results in the Dominican Republic.