CRiSTAL Parks: User experiences

By Alicia Natalia Zamudio, Sumeep Bath, Alicia Natalia Zamudio, Jöel Gendron on November 12, 2014

Protected areas are essential for biodiversity and vital to the communities who depend on them. Climate change threatens protected areas and has wide-ranging impacts such as shifting habitat ranges, coral reef losses, increasing sea levels and coastal erosion which can threaten entire ecosystems. At the same time, protected areas are part of the solution as they help reduce those impacts by acting as natural barriers to landslides and storm surges or floods, for example.

CRiSTAL Parks is a decision-support tool that helps conservationists and protected area managers identify climate risks, integrate them into their planning and help them develop adaptation strategies that ensure protected areas can continue to flourish and serve populations around the world. We asked users to describe CRiSTAL Parks in 3 words…

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