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What's Next After COP 28: Food systems

Slated to be a game changer for food systems transformation, COP 28 ended with mixed results. Our expert unpacks the wins and disappointments for food systems and what’s needed next.
Insight December 19, 2023

If Not Now, When? Ambitious energy package is a must at COP 28

As COP 28 approaches, all eyes are on the energy sector. Amidst a striking 91% of global carbon dioxide emissions originating from fossil fuels in 2022, the world is watching for an ambitious energy transition package at this year’s UN Climate Conference in Dubai.
Insight November 20, 2023

Africa Steps Up to Reshape International Tax Rules

As new technologies, shifting demographics, and climate change affect the global economy, tax rules are getting reformed. African policy-makers are seizing the opportunity to push for a fairer system.
Insight October 20, 2023