The Task Force on WTO and Environment is the successor of the Working Group on Trade and Environment (WGTE), established by the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) in 1994.

The Task Force is a high-level advisory body reporting to the CCICED and carrying out policy-related research leading to practical recommendations for consideration by the Government of China on the development of trade policies and environmental policies that promote sustainable development and trade liberalization. The mandate of the Task Force is to assist China in developing and implementing long-term, comprehensive and integrated trade and environmental policies and measures that support sustainable development, in particular within the context of China as a WTO member.

In Phase III of the CCICED, the Task Force has more defined objectives. With China's WTO membership, the Task Force aims to help China enhance its ability to address environment and sustainability issues while it further opens its markets with WTO membership, taking advantage of "green trade" opportunities, but not sacrificing its environment or natural resources.

The TF will focus on two major priorities. The first priority will involve assessment of the environmental consequences of China's WTO accession in a few selected sectors, with a view to developing appropriate strategies and policy measures to support sustainable trade. The second priority is to enhance China's capacity to address environmental/sustainable development issues in the Doha Round negotiations.

The TF uses the same work approach as the Working Group on Trade and Environment. It meets regularly, usually twice a year, and conducts policy-related research and analysis. The results are reviewed and debated at the meetings and then drafted into formal recommendations to be submitted to the CCICED. It reports its research findings and recommendations to the CCICED. The Working Group brought together representatives not only from developed and developing countries, but also officials and experts in trade and environment in China to address issues in those areas. This process required a common understanding of the issues that emerged over the life of the Working Group. The membership of the TF during Phase III of CCICED has somewhat changed. Three new international members and four new Chinese members have joined the TF, but the total number of the formal members has reduced from 12 to 10. The TF has also invited a few advisors and some project team leaders to participate in its work. Please click here to view a complete list of the members, advisors and team leaders.

A small international secretariat is located at IISD in Winnipeg, Canada, and a small Chinese secretariat is located in the Policy Research Centre for Environment and Economy in Beijing. They work closely, organizing and coordinating the research and activities of the Task Force.

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