Mediation in International Commercial and Investment Disputes

By Catharine Titi and Katia Fach Gómez (Eds.), published by Oxford University Press, July 2019

The book indicates that the resolution of international commercial and investment disputes has been dominated almost exclusively by international arbitration, but that international mediation and conciliation are now coming to the fore. The EU is encouraging international mediation in both the commercial and investment spheres; the 2019 Singapore Mediation Convention of UNCITRAL aims to ensure enforcement of international commercial settlement agreements resulting from mediation; the first investor–state disputes are mediated under the International Bar Association (IBA) rules; ICSID’s conciliation mechanism is resorted to more often than in the past; and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has recently administered its first mediation case based on a BIT. In this context, the book brings together experts from academia, mediation and arbitration institutions, and international legal practice to discuss mediation in international commercial and investment disputes. Available at