PITAD Investment Law and Arbitration Database: Version 1.0

By Daniel Behn, Malcolm Langford, Ole Kristian Fauchald, Runar Lie, Maxim Usynin, Taylor St John, Laura Letourneau-Tremblay, Tarald Berge and Tori Loven Kirkebø, online database published by Pluricourts Centre of Excellence, University of Oslo, January 2019

Currently in beta version, the database provides a comprehensive, regularly updated and networked overview of all known investment arbitration cases. It offers researchers and policy-makers immediate access to an initial selection of carefully coded variables together with a series of visualizations of raw and analyzed data from more than 1,000 cases. Subsequent versions will provide progressive access to the remaining 100-plus variables in the database together with all treaty and case texts in a format suitable for computational analysis. Available at https://pitad.org