International Investment Law and Policy in Africa: Exploring a human rights based approach to investment regulation and dispute settlement

By Fola Adeleke, Published by Routledge, September 2017

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the international investment law regime and current treaty practices in Africa from global, regional and domestic perspectives. Through a public interest regulation approach, it highlights the role of investment regulation in sustainable development and human rights. In doing so, it identifies seven factors that should be considered by arbitrators in resolving investment disputes that affect the public interest. It also considers how investment treaties can hold corporations accountable while protecting the rights of investors. Furthermore, the book explores the objectives and deficiencies of ISDS and its intersection with the rule of law. It identifies alternatives for ISDS and their impacts on attracting investment, depoliticizing investment disputes, promoting the rule of law and offering remedies to investors. It also identifies impacts on human rights, sustainable development and domestic public interest regulation. Finally, the book discusses trends in dispute settlement and investment rulemaking in Africa. Available at