Asia’s Changing International Investment Regime: Sustainability, regionalization, and arbitration

By Julien Chaisse, Tomoko Ishikawa and Sufian Jusoh (Eds.), Published by Springer, October 2017

This book focuses on the Asia–Pacific region, delineating the evolving dynamics of foreign investment in the region. It examines the relationship between efforts to increase FDI and efforts to improve governance and inclusive growth and development. It emphasizes the need to strike a balance between these domestic and international legal frameworks to promote both foreign investment and the laws and policies necessary to regulate investments and investor conduct. The book addresses four overarching themes: the trends (how Asia-Pacific’s agreements compare with recent global trends in the evolving rules on foreign investment), what China is doing, current investment arbitration practice in Asia and the importance of regionalizing investment law in the Asia–Pacific region. In addition, it identifies and discusses the research and policy gaps that should be filled in order to promote more sustainable and responsible investment. Available at