Lex Petrolea and International Investment Law: Law and practice in the Persian Gulf

By Nima Mersadi Tabari, Published by Routledge, 2016

The book analyzes jurisprudence on the settlement of upstream petroleum disputes between host states in the Persian Gulf and foreign investors. The author considers the historical, political, and socio-economic roots of the existing frameworks and levels of protection offered to foreign investors. Focusing on petroleum-related disputes, he initially delivers a comprehensive survey of the jurisprudence of international investment law and investment treaty arbitration. Following on from this, in three dedicated chapters, the author provides in-depth analysis of the legal regimes governing the matter in the major producers of the region: Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Available at https://www.routledge.com/Lex-Petrolea-and-International-Investment-Law-Law-and-Practice-in-the/Tabari/p/book/9781138656499.