Alternative Visions of the International Law on Foreign Investment: Essays in honour of Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah

By C. L. Lim (editor), Published by Cambridge University Press, March 2016

This book discusses the forces that are reshaping the international investment law. It explains the liberal origins of contemporary investment treaties before addressing a current backlash against these treaties and the device of investment arbitration. The book describes a long-standing legal-intellectual resistance to a neo-liberal global economic agenda, and how tribunals have interpreted various treaty standards instead. Key scholars who have advocated alternative visions of international investment law introduce the changes now taking place in the design of a range of familiar treaty clauses. Finally, it explores the life, career and writings of Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah, a scholar whose work has been dedicated to the realization of many of these changes, and his views about the hold global capital has over legal practice. Available at