Educational Resources | Jun 5, 2019

Study at the World’s Freshwater Laboratory in Winter

Want to explore the world’s freshwater laboratory in the depths of winter?

We are excited to announce a 12-day field course in February 2020, in collaboration with Lakehead University, that will allow university students studying ecology to study the biology and ecology of terrestrial and freshwater organisms (and their winter-coping strategies), as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of these lake ecosystems in winter.

You will also be able to study the effects of human impacts and climate change on boreal ecosystems, the ecosystem goods and services they provide, and the geographical distribution of species—all within the context of winter.

And what a unique place to conduct this research!

You will be exposed first-hand to our unique whole-ecosystem research methods and will have access to IISD Experimental Lakes Area’s unparalleled 50+ year dataset on the health of its lakes.

Click here for more information about the course, and click here to access the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology website and the application form.