Educational Resources

The unique and invaluable science at IISD-ELA produces unique and invaluable educational resources, founded in fresh water science, to be used in classrooms or independently, as part of a larger curriculum or as additional materials.

Below you can find a comprehensive list of the educational materials developed by IISD-ELA.

If you cannot see something you are looking for, please contact Pauline Gerrard, Institutional Development Coordinator, at [email protected].

Educational Resources | Jun 5, 2019

Study at the World’s Freshwater Laboratory in Winter

Want to explore the world’s freshwater laboratory in the depths of winter? We are excited to announce a 12-day field course, in collaboration with Lakehead University, that will allow you to study the biology and ecology of terrestrial and freshwater organisms—as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of these lake ecosystems—in winter.

Educational Resources | Apr 25, 2017

How We Do Things at IISD–ELA

Ever wondered how we do what we do at IISD-ELA? These short videos show you how our researchers carry out some of the tasks, such as collecting a fish muscle biopsy or implanting an acoustic telemetry tag, that form part of the unique science we carry out at the research station.