High school education program instructor Dean McLeod canoes with student Gabriella Dela Cruz in July 2023.


“Fresh water is hurting. It can be overwhelming, but every summer at IISD Experimental Lakes Area, I get a healthy dose of optimism.


I’m the instructor for IISD-ELA’s on-site high school education program. Students here work with world-class scientists, surrounded by nature. I watch as their passion and knowledge of freshwater issues grow. And I think: this is how to inspire tomorrow’s freshwater champions!


But we simply don’t have the space to meet the demand for our program. Students studied last year in a defunct dining hall scheduled for removal from the site.


This giving season, you can help build the space needed to inspire generations of youth through IISD-ELA’s education programs.


Please donate today to help build the Centre for Climate and Lake Learning, featuring a dedicated classroom and upgraded learning equipment.”

– Dean McLeod


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