Campaigns | Dec 10, 2021

Takin’ Care of Nature

Do YOU want to support cleaner water, healthy watersheds, and resilience to climate change?

Help us take our unique approach to science to build nature-based solutions to very human problems on the Canadian prairies.

Natural Infrastructure, You Say?

So, natural infrastructure. It might sound like a technical or complicated concept, but it’s actually pretty simple.

It involves humans managing and taking care of nature so that, in return, nature can take care of humans now and in the future.

It can mean constructing a floating treatment wetland planted with cattails and grasses to enhance all the benefits that wetlands bring us. Did you know that cattails are luxury consumers? That’s science-speak for taking up more nutrients, like phosphorus, than needed for their own consumption.

In community retention and wastewater treatment ponds, these floating wetlands soak up excess phosphorus and other pollutants which, in turn, reduces harmful algae blooms and creates habitats.

Oh, and P.S…

…this cattail tale continues. In fact, if you want to learn more about natural infrastructure, including what went down at Pelly’s Lake to support local farmers and communities, here’s a super cool video that explains all.