When Jamming to your music collection, do you ever Imagine how we got from tapes and vinyl, Yesterday, to iPods and Spotify, and where we’ll go in the Future?


What’s Going On? Well, that was a Long and Winding Road called digitization.


The Who, you might ask? Digitizationwhere, over decades, we evolved the way we consume our music from vinyl, tapes, and CDs to digital platforms that allowed us to be enjoying music, sharing with friends, and Dancing on My Own, much more easily.


The Message for the world’s freshwater laboratory?


When it comes to our unparalleled Long-Term Ecological Research database—which has measured everything from the chemistry of our lakes to the health of our fish over 50 years—The Times They Are a-Changin’. Much like our music collections, we had to digitize our complex database.


The Cure? God Only Knows


Well, in fact, we know too. No Surprises, over the past few years, our scientists, data Heroes, and Super Troupers have gotten Into the Groove—working hard to take our precious data from floppy discs and the backs of manilla envelopes to a Higher Ground digital platform with which we can understand, share, and reimagine our dataset. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.


Hey Ya! It’s taken a Whole Lotta Love, collaboration, and hard work, but we are almost there…


So, Lose Yourself in this short and lively animated video that explains why your music collection is just like our unparalleled database on the health of Canada’s lakes. And how both are gearing up for the future.


It’s a Thriller!