Hailing from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Todd is a self-taught printmaker and published illustrator. He currently lives in Montreal where he co-manages the Temple, a small silkscreen studio. Todd visited IISD-ELA as an Artist-in-Residence from September 22 to October 4, 2019.


Todd’s screenprints have been exhibited in public and private exhibition spaces across Canada and express his fascination with architecture and landscape. His latest children’s book Quand le vent souffle, published in September 2019, imagines a 90-year-long conversation between two pine trees in the boreal forest.



“I create pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives. They reflect a search for meaning in unfamiliar places.”


Todd Stewart



See more of Todd’s sketches from his time at IISD-ELA below and visit toddallanstewart.com to learn more about his work and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Todd Stewart sketch of boreal forest tree line

Nature Illustrations

During his tenure as Artist-in-Residence, Todd Stewart’s artwork often focused on IISD-ELA’s treelines and shorelines. The sketches in this gallery offer a new perspective on some of our most well-known lakes.

Science Illustrations

Freshwater ecosystems are complex systems and we need complex instruments to study them. These sketches by Artist-in-Residence Todd Stewart’s capture the intricacies of IISD-ELA’s research laboratories and field station equipment.

Exploring IISD-ELA

Artist-in-Residence Todd Stewart not only created incredible illustrations during his time at IISD-ELA. He also got his hands dirty taking water samples from the lake and bringing them back to the lab for testing.