How We Do, Research Videos, Video | Apr 5, 2017

How We Do Things at IISD-ELA: Researching mercury

How We Do Things at IISD-ELA is a series of videos that highlight research conducted by scientists at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA), a unique freshwater science research facility in northwest Ontario, Canada.

This video explores the groundbreaking work that has been carried out at IISD-ELA to determine what impact mercury has on our water, and how we can best improve it.

This project was generously funded by the RBC Blue Water Project.

You can watch this video in French.

The translation of the video into French was generously funded by the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation.

You can also watch this video in Ojibwe.

biiwaabikowaabo gaa-waawaashkeshkaag naniizaanad gaa-boozaagamig nibi giishpin awiya bitandang giga-giiwashkweshkaagon. Aazha ningii-tazhindaamin aandi wenjiimagak gaa-bangising zaaga’iganiing, ningii-tazhindaamin ge-izhichigeng ji-bichibosigwaa giigoonyag. Gidaa-ganawaabandaan enaateseg.

The translation was done by Nancy Jones, Don Jones and Jason Jones of Nigigoonsiminikaaning (Red Gut) First Nation; and the video was voiced by Emma Bruyere of Couchiching First Nation, a high school student from Fort Frances.

This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada and by TIDES Canada.