C3S Use Case: Hydropower in Tanzania

A hydropower project is currently being planned along the Kagera River in northern Tanzania. The valuation of the economic, environmental, and social externalities resulting from this project require best-in-class climate data, which is being provided by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). This C3S data will also provide vital insights into what climate-related risks this Hydropower Project will face, and what it will mean for its financial performance over its life cycle.

Our assessment will involve an integrated cost-benefit analysis of the project; a valuation of co-benefits, avoided costs, and societal costs; a demonstration of how climate risks will affect the project’s financial performance, derived from C3S data; and how sustainable assets perform in the energy sector in Tanzania, relative to diesel generators or other traditional technologies. It will also consider the hydropower project against the costs and benefits of a hypothetical energy generation scenario that ensures the provision of the same amount of electricity annually and entails electricity generated by solar photovoltaic systems.