Survey on Systemic Approaches and Simulation for Nature-Based Infrastructure

Thank you to everyone who joined us in early October for our virtual stakeholder consultations on systemic approaches and simulation for nature-based infrastructure (NBI). Your input is invaluable for this work and we are grateful for your time and thoughtful contributions.

As the next stage in our process, we have now launched a new survey to collect further feedback. This five-minute survey will seek to better understand the barriers to scaling up nature-based infrastructure and conducting financial valuation of these assets. It will also be invaluable for us to learn how best to respond to these challenges as we set up our new NBI Resource Centre.

This work is part of IISD’s new partnership with the Global Environment Facility (GEF),  the MAVA Foundation, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on systemic approaches and simulation for nature-based infrastructure. 

This landmark collaboration will promote the use of systems thinking, system dynamics simulation, and project finance modelling, the core pillars of the SAVi methodology, to plan and prepare nature-based infrastructure (NBI) projects.   

We look forward to receiving your survey inputs and will make sure to treat your contributions with the care and attention they deserve. All survey inputs will be fully anonymous unless you designate otherwise. 

Take the survey now and learn more about our NBI work.