Integrating Copernicus Climate Data in SAVi

IISD and KnowlEdge Srl (KE) are excited to be working with the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) to integrate data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store into SAVi.  Thanks to this collaboration, we are now able to make precise calculations on how infrastructure policies, portfolios and assets will perform under different climate conditions, adding another level of sophistication to our analyses.

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, a landmark information service which offers a wide range of services. These are based on satellite observations of Earth, as well as data derived from non-space sources, such as air, sea, and ground-based measurement approaches, otherwise known as in situ data.  These measurements are consolidated in the C3S Climate Data Store, which provides authoritative information about the past, present, and future climate to enable policy makers and businesses develop and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

By July 2020, we will have completed phase 1 of the collaboration,  integrating climate data from the EU Copernicus Climate Data Store into all of the SAVi simulation models, i.e., energy, water, wastewater, irrigation, roads, transport, nature-based infrastructure, and materials management.  SAVi simulations will now produce sophisticated forecasts on how precipitation, air temperature, wind speed, and humidity can affect the financial performance of infrastructure assets. 

Phase 2 focuses on the use of the Copernicus climate data-integrated SAVi models on four use cases.  We look forward to collaborating with the Global Environment Facility, the Johannesburg City government, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, the African Development Bank, the municipality of Welkenraedt in  Belgium, and the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to execute these use cases.

In partnership with KnowlEdge SRL