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Raising Ambition in NDCs via fossil fuel subsidy reform


15.00-15.10 Welcome and Chair
Kay Harrison, New Zealand

15.10-15.25 Introduction and Opening Remarks

15.25-15.40 GSI-IF Modelling Results

Dr Andrea Bassi, GSI-IISD

15.40-15.50 Policy implications from findings
Laura Merrill, GSI-IISD

15.50-16.00 Reform effort and investment in Sustainable Development including social safety nets
Country speaker (TBC)

16:00-16:10 Friends FFSR and Switzerland’s support
Jacques Ducrest, Switzerland

16.10-16.20 UNFCCC implications and transparency on FFS for effective reform (Finnish experience)

 Questions, Mentimeter


Practical information

Monday 20 June 2019 | 15:00-16:30 | World Conference Center Bonn | Platz der Vereinten Nationen 2, 53113 Bonn, Germany


Free entry with UNFCCC accreditation

Live streaming

This event will be live streamed here.


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