Capacity Building for Integrated Environmental Assessment and Reporting

What is happening to the environment and why? What are the consequences for the environment and humanity? What is being done and how effective is it? Where are we heading? What actions could be taken for a more sustainable future? The IEA Training Manual, developed by UNEP, IISD and other international partners helps answer these questions through a capacity building and training program. The program is designed to take global integrated environmental assessment (IEA) methods such as those developed in the context of UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO) to the sub-global level.

Since its inception in the 1990s, the program has helped many partners of UNEP at the regional, national and sub-national level to initiate IEA processes designed to improve the quality of decision making related to environment and development.

Developed by a distinguished international group of IEA experts and practitoners. the IEA Training Manual serves as a basis for a training program that can be offered either through face to face workshops or via e-learning. Those completing the program will become familiar both with management, scientific / technical and policy aspects of the entire IEA process.

The main target audience includes senior officials and practitioners in government ministries and other organizations responsible for IEAs for specific jurisdictions or ecosystems. The philosophy of the IEA Training Manual is based on active learning, combining face-to-face events with e-learning and direct collaboration, customizing content according to the specific needs and priorities of our partners, and a long-term perspective to develop institutional capacity.

The IEA capacity-building work is supported by a range of tools developed in collaboration with UNEP’s Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) and other key partners such as UNEP/GRID-Arendal. These materials are intended to continuously evolve, as new knowledge and information becomes available and as user needs change.

The development of these tools builds on our experience with an earlier IEA training manual on IEA. Recognizing that the assessment and reporting needs of governments and other organizations vary and evolve, the IEA Training Manual is modular in order to facilitate customization and updating.

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