National Strategies for Sustainable Development

Challenges, Approaches and Innovations in Strategic and Co-ordinated Action, A 19-Country Study

In this international and collaborative research project, we studied and learned from strategic and co-ordinated action toward SD taken at the national level in 19 countries, before and after WSSD.

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Country Case Studies

These 19 country case studies form the knowledge base for the synthesis report. Information in the country case studies was obtained primarily from publicly available sources (e.g., government Internet sites, literature sources) and, where possible, was supplemented through interviews with government officials. The information was up-to-date as of May 2004. Every effort was made to ensure that official national sustainable development focal point contacts had the opportunity to provide feedback on the research, but such contacts were not successful in all cases. These case studies are in an unedited, working paper format.


Please click here (PDF - 214 kb) for a brochure of preliminary findings presented at a UN CSD-12 side event in New York on April 22, 2004.

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