A Global Directory to Indicator Initiatives

Welcome to version two of the Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicator Initiatives, a worldwide directory of who is doing what in the field of sustainability indicators. Work on an earlier version of the Compendium was carried out with several partners and donors, including the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Environment Canada, Redefining Progress, the World Bank and the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development.

IISD is currently collaborating with the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) - Sustainability Indicators Initiative (SII) on the Compendium as part of a cooperative effort to advance the use of sustainability indicators worldwide.

In the fall of 2002, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment Canada and the International Sustainability Indicators Network (ISIN) initiated an extensive revision to the original Compendium. This included revisions to structure, search capabilities and visual design of the database. The revision also involved updating existing initiatives and adding new entries.

While IISD hosts the Compendium, indicator practitioners are invited to submit information on their own work and take ownership of their entries in the database. Entries can be submitted and updated as necessary through a convenient Web interface. IISD staff reviews and approves new entries to ensure that minimum content and format requirements are met.