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Biking in busy city of Udaipur in Uttar Pradesh, India

Electricity Sector Reform in Uttar Pradesh: Analysis of tariff adjustments and the Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojana Plan (UDAY)

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coal power plant

The Transformation of the Polish Coal Sector 

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nunavut sunset

Costing Energy and Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Nunavut: A mapping exercise

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oil production site

A Guidebook to Fossil-Fuel Subsidy Reform: From self reports to peer learning

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Closeup of a globe.

Energy Subsidy Data: Interactive Maps

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How Can Zambia Meet Rising Energy Demand? Are subsidy swaps the answer?

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GSI resources provide information and tools on subsidies globally.



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Colourful gas tank stacked on their side.

Placing a Spotlight on Subsidies

GSI programs and research place a spotlight on subsidies and the corrosive effect they have on economic development, governance and environmental quality. We work with governments and partners to help remove subsidies that work against sustainable development.

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The FFS Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Network is an international peer to peer email list for sharing information on fossil fuel subsidies and their reform. Launched at COP 21 in Peru upon recommendation from CSOs and research institutes, the FFS CSO network aims to inform a growing number of advocates for fair and sustainable fossil fuel subsidy reform within their countries. This list includes NGOs, research and policy institutes, academics, and some intergovernmental organisations.

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