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Project Snapshot

International negotiations on the future of the global climate regime are moving forward, with critical decisions on the design and content of a new agreement expected in the near future. Canada has a significant stake in the outcomes of these negotiations. It has one of the strongest economies in the world, is a major energy producer and exporter, and is experiencing some of the most dramatic changes in climatic conditions as the Earth's average temperature rises.

To influence the design of a post-2012 climate regime, Canada needs to prepare for and engage in international discussions within and outside the United Nations. Effective engagement requires an understanding of national, regional, and sectoral priorities and circumstances within Canada that will influence the country's objectives for and perspectives on a future regime. It also requires understanding the interests and priorities of other countries and their potential responses to Canadian positions.

To respond to these needs, in October 2006 IISD launched a two-year dialogue process on Canada's role in climate change policy post 2012. The Canadian Options for Post-2012 dialogue process included the federal government, provinces, individual companies and civil society representatives, and involved discussion and analysis of:

The dialogue project aimed to build international understanding of key Canadian sensitivities and Canadian understanding of international perspectives concerning the emerging climate change regime.

The two-year dialogue process was launched in October 2006 with a national workshop that assisted in the identification of areas of interest for further research and discussion. Research and discussion then took place on national and regional priorities and circumstances and evolving international perspectives and initiatives. It culminated in a national conference, A Way Forward: Canadian and International Perspectives on Post-2012 Climate Policy, held in March 2008.

Project Outputs

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