Webinar: How can voluntary standard certifications empower women in agriculture?

Speakers: Kathleen Sexsmith, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Penn State University, and Cristina Larrea, Sustainability Standards Lead, IISD

Date: June 20, 2019

Description: Gender inequalities in agriculture persist, making it difficult for women to access productive resources or own land. Development organizations can leverage voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) to address these challenges when collaborating with farmers’ groups and communities. In this webinar, Cristina Larrea, IISD, and Kathleen Sexsmith, Pennsylvania State University, explore timely questions during the webinar, including: How do we ensure women’s access to land, resources and technology? How do we ensure production of female-led food crops versus cash crops? How do we support women-led products reaching the market? How can VSSs adapt to local contexts in a gender-sensitive manner?