Transparency and Visibility in Cotton Textile and Apparel Value Chains

Learning event for the Sustainable Fashion Academy Learning and Innovation Network

The Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) Learning and Innovation Network was created to help apparel and textile companies address challenges and prepare for new policies and regulations related to urgent social and environmental trends.

This webinar convened network members for an interactive session addressing tools for enhancing the transparency of information, the visibility of value chain actors, and collaboration in textile and apparel supply chains in the context of new policies and legislation.

It provided an overview of the tools and technologies available for companies to gather and share reliable information about where, how, and by whom their goods are produced. Panellists also shared examples of their experiences using these tools and some of the strengths and limitations they have faced.

For more information about our work on transparency in supply chains, read about our pilot project with Sweden-based fashion retailer Kappahl to map supply chain actors in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.