Measures to Enhance Forest Conservation and Reduce Deforestation: Viewpoints and lessons from producing countries

Deforestation and forest degradation are at the core of two planetary crises: biodiversity loss and climate change. As policy-makers are turning their attention to the ways that international trade policy can enhance forest conservation and reduce deforestation, it is important to keep in mind that several national measures have already been put in place in producing countries including Costa Rica, Gabon, Rwanda, Peru, and Indonesia—sometimes in collaboration with sustainability standards. There is a need to better understand these existing domestic efforts, to leverage lessons learned, and to think further about the role trade policy can play to support good practices in this area.

This event aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of domestic policy efforts in developing economies and the evolving trade policy context to address deforestation and enhance forest conservation. The event also served as a discussion forum to facilitate an open exchange of views on concerns, challenges, and opportunities, from a producer country perspective.