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IISD's work covers a broad sweep of strategies, tools and policy advice needed to respond effectively to today's environmental, economic and social challenges. 

Investment for Sustainable Development

Reforming the rules and institutions that govern international investment flows to help developing countries attract the sort of investment that promotes sustainable development.

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Investment for Sustainable Development Investment for Sustainable Development
  • Investment Law and Policy Reform

    Investment Law and Policy Reform

    Investment treaties and the way disputes are settled under them­­—a process known as investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS)—are facing increasing scrutiny. A call for reform has therefore emerged...

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  • Measurement and Assessment

    Measurement and Assessment

    Effective sustainable development strategies and adaptive management require robust monitoring and assessment planning.

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  • Mining


    IISD's mining work optimizes the benefits of mining to achieve poverty reduction, inclusive growth, social development and environmental stewardship through the development of laws and policies.

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  • Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance

    Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance

    Governments spend between 12 and 30 per cent of their GDP buying goods, services and infrastructure. IISD helps policy makers and public procurers realize value-for-money across the life cycle of an asset to benefit industrial competitiveness, innovation and technology transfer.

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  • Subsidies


    Leading the effort to reform subsidies that hold us back from sustainable development.

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  • Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    The concept of sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Learn more about the topic of sustainable development from IISD's experts and the work being done.

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  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Sustainable Development Goals

    The Sustainable Development Goals are a global roadmap to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Discover how IISD research, analysis and knowledge products relate to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Sustainable Electricity Systems

    Sustainable Electricity Systems

    To ensure sustainable energy supplies, countries assess green and brown investments across their economic, environmental and social outcomes. Fiscal policy reform, coal phase-outs and a just transition for workers and economies are integral to a sustainable energy pathway.

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  • Sustainable Infrastructure

    Sustainable Infrastructure

    Roads, buildings, energy and water infrastructure must be sustainable if the world is to meet global goals and targets and tackle climate change.

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