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With over 10 years of experience, the IISD Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) is widely recognized as a world-class leader in the quantification, evaluation, and reform of subsidies.

Governments around the world spend at least a trillion dollars a year on subsidies to exploit the world's natural resources. But faced with increasing fiscal constraints, and concerned about making their economies cleaner, more inclusive, and stable, governments are under increasing pressure to change course.

GSI works closely with governments to help them move away from subsidies that hinder sustainability. The goal is to encourage individual governments to undertake unilateral reforms on subsidy policy where these would deliver clear economic, environmental, and social benefits. GSI also aims to generate a consensus in the World Trade Organization and in other forums on the need to take resolute, ongoing, and systematic action to reduce or eliminate subsidies that are trade-distorting and undermine sustainable development.