Synthesis Report, 2017-18

Towards Gender-Responsive NAP Processes

Progress and Recommendations for the Way Forward


4 April 2018


Angie Dazé, Julie Dekens


This synthesis report includes references to relevant decisions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where appropriate. However, as a technical publication, it does not necessarily use the exact language contained in these decisions. In particular, the concise term “NAP process” is applied throughout the document instead of the phrase “process to formulate and implement NAPs” contained in Decision 1/CP.16 and subsequent decisions. Please note that by following this approach, this publication neither aims to reinterpret any existing decision under the UNFCCC, nor does it intend to pre-empt any potential future decisions on this issue.


The authors are grateful to all of the participants in the Targeted Topics Forum in February 2018 for sharing their perspectives on gender in NAP processes. We would also like to thank Anne Hammill for her inputs to the document.