Which Way Forward? - Issues in developing an effective climate regime after 2012

By Aaron Cosbey, Deborah Murphy, Jo-Ellen Parry, Anne Hammill, Warren Bell, John Drexhage, John Van Ham on November 17, 2005

A post-2012 climate change regime will need to balance the diverse needs of all countries while striving to prevent the potentially serious economic and social consequences of the impacts of climate change. A common understanding of the issues associated with four key elements of a potential post-2012 climate change regime could support the emergence of an internationally acceptable approach to this critical issue.

This publication, a series of discussion papers prepared by IISD to support Canada's efforts to prepare for COP-11/MOP-1, examines four main elements of a potential post-2012 climate change regime:

  • the need to ensure sustainable economic development;

  • the effective development and penetration of clean technologies;

  • the establishment of an effective international carbon market over the long term; and

  • the integration of adaptation in development and natural resource management decision-making.

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IISD, 2005