Supporting Multistakeholder Internet Public Policy Dialogue in a Least Developed Country: The Togo Experience

By Ben Akoh on October 24, 2012

This case study for Togo, a least developed country, illustrates how multistakeholder dialogue can identify priorities and challenges for the development and deployment of the Internet in support of the country's economic, social and environmental needs.

Information and communication technology (ICT) growth in Africa has been steady in the past five years, with impacts on the economic and social landscape. Grassroots involvement and local level policy consultations should be considered an intrinsic part of the process of developing national priorities and objectives for ICTs and the Internet. IISD's involvement in stimulating public policy dialogue in least developed countries using processes that are inclusive and multistakeholder-focused has resulted in several lessons learned that have been captured in Toolkit on Internet Public Policy Dialogue: Tools for the Practitioner (Akoh, Egede-Nissen & Creech, 2012). The Togo case study illustrates how these tools can be applied.

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Technology and Innovation
IISD, 2012