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Our Vision is 20/20: A proud past and a vital future: IISD 2010 Annual Report

By Dave Wilkins on July 22, 2010

The 2009-2010 IISD Annual Report highlights the theme: Our Vision is 20/20.

The theme articles provided recognize IISD's 20th anniversary by reflecting on our accomplishments over the past 20 years and the major challenges we face in the next two decades. The report includes a guest essay by Richard Matthew, Senior Fellow, IISD, and Director, Center for Unconventional Security Affairs, University of California, Irvine. We also provide thought-provoking articles on: the way forward after the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference; the latest interactive online communication tools; a review of agricultural practices and the changes required to help ensure long-term preservation of the environment; why sustainable public procurement is stimulating markets for greener goods and services; how the trouble with the Earth's credit limit is intricately linked with the problems in financial markets and major economies and the need for a transformative change; how place-based governance initiatives can address socioeconomic and environmental policy issues; and our financial performance for the year ending March 31, 2010.

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