One Lifeboat: China and The World's Environment and Development

By Arthur J. Hanson, Claude Martin on January 11, 2007
With a massive population, substantial resource base and unprecedented economic growth, China's environment and development impacts can be felt around the world. By 2020, China expects to quadruple its GDP over the year 2000, while becoming an "environmentally friendly, resource-efficient society." These goals present an enormous challenge, with outcomes of growing significance for all nations.

China has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by participating in major international agreements and by investing in improved environmental performance domestically. It's projected that between 2006 and 2010 alone, China will spend US$243 billion on environmental protection and management. Yet economic growth outpaces environmental efforts, and a weak international environmental governance system hinders progress.

This report looks at the international environmental implications of China's growth, and the role played by China in international environmental cooperation, including its regional and global efforts and its growing role in development assistance.

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IISD, 2007