Guide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba

By Natalie Swayze, Carolee Buckler, Anne MacDiarmid on January 27, 2011

The Guide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba is the result of a partnership of Manitoba Education and school divisions in Manitoba that seeks to support Manitoba schools and their communities in their goals to become sustainable.

The Guide invites schools to take a whole-school approach to sustainability, exploring sustainability through curriculum, in addition to real-life learning experiences, improvements in school management of resources and facilities (e.g., energy, waste, water, biodiversity, schoolyard design, and purchasing of products and materials) and associated social and financial issues.

The vision of the Guide is for all schools in Manitoba and their communities to be sustainable, so that students will become informed and responsible decision-makers, playing active roles as citizens of Canada and the world, and will contribute to social, environmental and economic well-being and an equitable quality of life for all, now and in the future.

2nd edition, revised Fall of 2014.

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IISD, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, 2011