Furthering EU Objectives on Climate Change and Clean Energy: Building Partnerships with Major Developing Economies

By Deborah Murphy, Aaron Cosbey, John Drexhage, Dennis Tirpak, Christian Egenhofer on April 11, 2008
The European Union has demonstrated resolve to remain at the forefront of global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but achieving the EU's goals in the areas of climate change and clean energy will depend significantly on what happens outside the EU, including developing countries with major and growing economics. Foreign policy can help to promote and strengthen EU objectives on climate change and clean energy through progressive partnerships with developing countries. This report scopes out and analyzes potential for collaborative action in the foreign policy areas of finance and investment, development cooperation and trade. The focus is how the EU can more effectively strengthen partnerships with the major developing economies—Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa—in supporting a global transformation to cleaner energy systems.

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IISD, 2008