Environment and Trade: A Handbook

By UNEP, IISD on October 5, 2001
A Second Edition of Environment and Trade: A Handbook was published in 2005. The new edition is available in English only.

This handbook has been developed to highlight the relationship between environmnet and trade. The primary aim is to foster a broader understanding of these interlinkages to enable governments to develop practical approaches to integrating these policies. It is possible, but by no means automatic, that trade and environmental policies should support each other in achieving their objectives. Close integration of these policies is necessary to maximize the benefits that trade can bring to increase human welfare and economic development more sustainably.

The handbook is also available in a continually updated Web version at both and Here, readers can link to on-line articles and analyses that go into greater depth on the themes covered in the print version. The Web version will also have other resources, such as a compendium of trade and environment disputes and links to other sites of interest.

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UNEP, IISD, 2001