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Advisory Services on International Investment Law

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The highly qualified international lawyers of IISD’s Investment Program offer advisory services on international investment treaties and contracts, with respect to investment negotiations, implementation and disputes.

This includes bilateral and regional investment treaties—both free trade and sectoral agreements—with investment chapters or other investment provisions.

IISD also conducts workshops and training courses for negotiators of international investment treaties and contracts as well as policy-makers and government officials involved in international investment issues. This capacity-building work includes the Annual Forum of Developing Country Investment Negotiators. 

The annual forum gives negotiators and other key officials the opportunity to share common experiences and problems, discuss emerging issues, review recent legal developments in the field and engage in peer learning with fellow negotiators.

Representatives from 111 developing countries have attended the annual forum, which is now in its 11th year. We have offered targeted training and private advisory services to nations and regional organizations across the globe. 

Our goals

As the international investment regime evolves into an increasingly complex web of international investment treaties and host government contracts, IISD hopes to enable developing countries to obtain a full understanding of the implications of these legal instruments and to level the playing field in investment negotiations and disputes.

Our services

IISD offers a range of services, including:

  • Advising on drafting, negotiating and implementing international investment treaties
  • Advising on drafting, negotiating and implementing host government contracts
  • Advising on investment disputes at the pre-claim stage, including legal opinions on potential claims, negotiation and mediation
  • Preparing legal opinions on international investment law
  • Training negotiators and government officials at the country-specific and regional levels

IISD does not act for the states involved in an investment dispute, although its legal team is able to assist in managing potential claims, by providing legal opinions and advice.

Advice free of charge for developing countries

IISD provides advice for developing countries. However, countries may be requested to contribute towards reasonable expenses. In case of insufficient funds, priority is given to least-developed countries. 

For more information please view our brochure in English, French and Spanish.

111 Developing Countries Have Attended IISD's Annual Forum

See an interactive map for more details, including the full country list.

Additionally, there has been regular participation from the following international and regional organisations:

  • SADC
  • OCTA
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