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IISD's research, experts and publications are regularly featured by press outlets and on multimedia platforms around the world.

The list below is a selection of recent mentions. Click Here for other media-related content.

  • 'Urgent action needed' to preserve wetlands and mitigate flood risk: report

    CTV (Canada) - September 18, 2018  A new report, issued in partnership with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Intact Centre and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, indicates restoring ponds and wetlands can be a more cost-friendly and effective way of preventing flooding than man-made alternatives, such as dams or levies.

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  • Le BAC suggère d’utiliser les infrastructures naturelles pour limiter les inondations

    Le Journal de L'Assurance - September 18, 2018  Une étude faite conjointement par le Bureau d’assurance du Canada (BAC), le Centre Intact d’adaptation au climat et le International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) suggère aux communautés d’utiliser les infrastructures naturelles afin de limiter les risques d’inondation.

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  • Restoring what we've ruined may be the best defence against climate-change disasters

    Vancouver Sun (Canada) - September 20, 2018  A new study shows that restoring shorelines, riverbeds and wetlands to what they were before we interfered with them is both cheaper and more beneficial than traditional flood mitigation projects.

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  • Urgent Action on Green Infrastructure Can Reduce Economic Risk

    Water Canada - September 19, 2018  Natural infrastructure—such as wetlands and riverbeds—can help reduce the damage and costs of flooding in Canada, a new study finds.

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  • Taxpayer dollars going to fossil fuel industry undermines climate solutions: new report

    The Star Vancouver (Canada) - September 18, 2018  The Canadian federal government continues to use hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to subsidize a fossil fuel industry by offering tax breaks, fiscal supports and direct grants to encourage the production of more oil, gas and coal, according to a new report from a coalition of environmental organizations.

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  • Climate Change, Gender Specialists To Meet In Jamaica

    Jamaica Gleaner - September 14, 2018  Specialists will converge on Jamaica to discuss two very important topics - gender and climate change adaptation planning - and how they intersect.

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  • Correcting years of wrong calculation of energy cost

    Antara Bengkulu (Indonesia) - September 10, 2018  For years Indonesia has wrongly concluded coal energy is cheaper than renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, IISD expert Lucky Lontoh shares with media.

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  • Experimental Lakes Area receives matching donation of up to $1M

    CBC (Canada) - September 06, 2018  Mike Paterson, Gail Asper and family have announced they will be making a matching, dollar-for-dollar donation of up to $1 million to the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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  • The future of Canada's Trans Mountain pipeline

    CTV (Canada) - August 31, 2018  As Canada's oil-producing province withdraws from the national climate plan as a court blocks its efforts to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline, IISD's David McLaughlin shares why it's vital Alberta stay on track with carbon pricing.

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  • Responsible cobalt sourcing for EVs: a new role for blockchain emerges

    Platts S&P Global - August 31, 2018  Blockchain may soon become an important auxiliary tool in responsible sourcing of cobalt, a prime element in batteries for electric vehicles. Assuming, that is, international authorities or organizations are willing to help drive its implementation. IISD's Isabelle Ramdoo weighs in on the effort to make the low-carbon energy transition ethical.

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