Murray MacKay

Research Fellow

Dr. Murray MacKay has been a research scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada for more than 20 years, focusing mostly on land surface processes and physical limnology. 

He is the creator and primary developer of the Canadian Small Lake Model (CSLM), a one-dimensional thermodynamic lake scheme developed for coupling with global and regional climate and numerical weather prediction systems, as well as stand-alone applications for individual lakes. He has an active research program on Lake 239 at IISD Experimental Lakes Area where he has monitored meteorological and limnological conditions since 2007.

Dr. MacKay created the Canadian Network for Small Lake Modelling Research—a network of scientists across the country from a variety of disciplines with interests in different aspects of limnology and the use/development of the CSLM. The purpose of this network, of which the IISD-ELA is a founding member, is to inform and coordinate (to the extent possible) lake modelling research activities in Canada.

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Water Quality
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Doctor of Philosophy (Atmospheric Physics) , Canada, University of Toronto, 1996
Bachelor of Science (Physics) , Canada, University of Waterloo, 1989