Lee Hrenchuk

Senior Biologist, IISD-ELA

As a biologist with IISD Experimental Lakes Area's fish crew, Lee's research focuses on monitoring and assessing the effects of a variety of environmental perturbations (including mercury deposition, cage aquaculture, endocrine disrupting chemicals, eutrophication and climate change) on fish ecology and behaviour in small, oligotrophic lakes in the boreal shield.

Lee conducted aquatic field research in both the Canadian Arctic and in Antarctica before settling more permanently at IISD-ELA. Her post-graduate studies included examining the accumulation of mercury in yellow perch as part of the whole-lake Mercury Experiment to Assess Atmospheric Loading In Canada and the United States (METAALICUS) at the Experimental Lakes Area.

Lee is an advocate for communicating science to a broader audience and has volunteered with Fort Whyte Alive, the Manitoba Museum and Fisheries and Oceans Canada to talk about scientific ideas and environmental issues with the public

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Areas of expertise
Fish Biology
Fish Ecology
Freshwater Fish
Staff type
IISD Experimental Lakes Area
Master of Science—Biological Sciences, University of Manitoba, 2011
Bachelor of Science (Honours)–Biology, University of Winnipeg, 2007